Friday, January 6, 2012

Día de los Santos Reyes

Dia de Los Santos Reyes, or Day of the Epiphany, is celebrated throughout Mexico and along the US/Mexican border region.

The day celebrates the New Testament story of the arrival of the three wise men bearing gifts. In Mexico, it is common for children to receive gifts on this day.

Family and co-workers share a Rosca de Reyes, a pastry similar to the King Cake found in New Orleans.  Hidden inside the Rosca are small plastic figurines representing the Baby Jesus.  The individual who's piece contains the plastic figurine has to throw a party for the others on February 2  (Dia de la Candelaria / Candlemas Day).

Never willing to pass up on a reason for cake, everyone at Bill Hay International looks forward to oue Dia de Los Santos Reyes tradition. And since Norma Seville got the figurine, we also will be enjoying the  tamales she will be bringing on February 2!!!